selected work

  • Saving Hero

    Saving Hero

    UX, UI and character design for a money saving app.

  • Ecoppia


    Branding for Ecoppia Scientific, a company integrating technology and green solutions to maximize natural resources. Ecoppia launched wind energy solutions and solutions for maximizing energy in solar parks.

  • Vodafone Find & Go

    Vodafone Find & Go

    Branding and packaging for Vodafone Find&Go. Find&Go is your guide to find everything you need or to get quickly to your destination. The overall experience is an extension of the […]

  • Telmap, Intel

    Telmap, Intel

    Branding and packaging for Telmap, a world leader in mobile location-based services. Telmap has established a solid reputation for providing its mobile operator customers with innovative, value-added location-based services that […]

  • ‘Galooy’ Wood Jackets

    ‘Galooy’ Wood Jackets

    It is such fun to be a tailor for a day. You can take the designer out of graphics, but you can’t get the graphics out of the designer. This […]

  • Modu W

    Modu W

    Branding and packaging for the launch of Modu’s android-based mini-tablet. The various expansions are represented by multi-icon symbols.

  • Posters and Wallpapers

    Posters and Wallpapers

    Various commercial and personal projects:

  • Independence Day at Zemach

    Independence Day at Zemach

    A retro concept for Independence Day events at the Zemach Beach, with branding and illustrations inspired by vintage game maps and banners from the early days of Israel.

  • ‘Galooy’ Walnuts Collection

    ‘Galooy’ Walnuts Collection

    At the heart of the Walnuts series is a mix of simple childhood experiences. A sweets drawer in one grandmother’s kitchen cabinet, a chest of memories from the other grandmother, […]

  • Logo Design

    Logo Design

    A selection of logos and brands created and advised by the studio over the years.

  • Web Design

    Web Design

    Various projects – Ecoppia landing page, bread bakery website, hi&buy outlet website, imakethings portfolio concept

  • Modu T

    Modu T

    Branding and packaging for Modu T, a modular smartphone with expansions through sports accessories, a camera and additional bundles.

  • PointGrab


    Graphic concept and branding for PointGrab, an established leader in advanced hand gesture recognition solutions for consumer devices.

  • Transformer – a changing table

    Transformer – a changing table

    “To be we must learn how to constantly change.” For many years now, I’ve been having a love-hate relationship with change. Over time, I’ve learned to love it more and […]

  • Tees & Icons

    Tees & Icons

    Various projects

  • Dashboards


    1. Ecoppia E4 master app and real time analytics dashboards UI,design 2. Teva dashboards – collaboration with vision bi

  • Siano


    Graphic identity and packaging for Siano brands “Meron”/ “Maklu” – a WiFi accessory for watching live free-to-air TV content (DVB-T and ISDB-T) on Android, iPhone and iPad devices

  • Urban Closet

    Urban Closet

    The urban closet was born out of a look at the beauty of the ‘ordinary’, perhaps even the beauty of ugliness. Nowadays I live close to earth, but when coming […]

  • The Triangle Collection

    The Triangle Collection

    This trio belongs to a line of furniture where the creative process is focused on the legs surrounding the body of the piece, or integrated as the base for a […]

  • Ravid Avisror Porat

    Ravid Avisror Porat

    Branding for designer and carpenter Ravid Avisror Porat, in its transition from manufacturing complementary home furniture to being a studio designing and manufacturing products for boutique kitchens and other projects.

  • Home Office

    Home Office

    Glass front desk – writing desk with glass or acrylic glass fronts. Drawers – a stack of multidirectional drawers Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • Coming soon…

    Coming soon…